Origin:                         Brazil

Product:                     Sugar ICUMSA 150

Specification:            Polarization               99.7%

                                      Ash content               0.08% max

                                      Moisture                     0.08% max

                                      Radiation                   Normal certified

                                      Solubility                    100% dry and free flowing

                                      Granulation               standard to fine

                                      Color                          crystal white


Crop:                           Current year


Quantity:                    500 mts to 13,000 mts

Packing:                     50 kg bags floor loaded in 20FCL  - 27 mts per 20 FCL


Load Port:                  Paranagua, Parana, or Santos, Sao Paulo - Brazil

Terms:                         FOB / CFR

Price:                           USD$ pr mt - NYMEX + premium + logistics


Payment:                    Irrevocable, confirmed, transferable documentary credit, issued by first class bank

                                      Payable 100% at sight against standard documents


Documents:               B/L, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Country of Origin cert, Phyto-

  sanitary cert, Independent survey for quantity, quality, and weight