About Us

Tradefina Ltd was established in 2006 in the British Virgin Islands as an international business company with a focus on Brazil importing and exporting. Tradefina Ltd chose to close its offices in BVI in 2010 and recreate itself in the USA as Tradefina LLC so as to offer its customers better trading opportunities specifically utilizing the USDA GSM-102 trade finance program. Tradefina LLC is involved in trade transaction completion, financing, and logistics with an emphasis on exporting USA agricultural related products on an international basis.  


USA Office

            Mailing:         P O Box 50428

                                    Irvine, California 92619-0428 - USA


Courier:        4862 Basswood Lane

                                    Irvine, California 92612-2802 - USA


Tel:                 +1 (949) 654-7739

            Fax:                +1 (949) 654-7961

            Contact:        Joseph Winterhalter - jwinterhalter@tradefina.com

Skype:            jwinterhalter


Europe Office

            Contact:        Jens Sorensen jsorensen@tradefina.com

            Tel:                  +34 693 736 367             

            Skype:            js2005